Watch someone get 11 achievements in 1 Rock Revolution song

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And he does it on the ION Drum Set, arguably the most expensive mass-produced XBox 360 controller ever made.
No one cares? Really? Sure he's a douchebag, but 2:30 in he shuts up and starts playing.
Conner Of Gallifrey
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Didn't see it before, He wasn't that bad. Had some good points - but yeah, game just LOOKS terrible.
I am currently grinding achievements in this game with an absolute stranger I met at an ... Um. Achievement grinding site.

I think achievements as a replacement for, say, downloading and organizing massive amounts of data like music and movies I have no intention of watching... Or physically writing down all the pop culture jokes in a family guy episode and writing down what time in the episode they took place (it was just a phase, I swear.)... I don't know. I can't walk away from something now that I know I can 100% it. No sensible person would actually play Yaris the Game to 200G for fun. And here I am setting 30 minute blocks of time during lunch aside to do just that. I've not bought games if I though I was going to have to dump 200 hours into it to 100% it. It's why I've not bought call of duty. I lost the point somewhere. It's now, like, work.


How I'm not yet an alcoholic or druggie, I don't know.
lleviathann The itch you can't scratch
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Phydeaux wrote:
I lost the point somewhere.

That you're an achievement whore. :P

Stop playing GoW then and sell it to me. It'll take at least 200 hours to get Seriously 2.0. I just broke 7500 over the weekend, long way to 100,000.
Seriously 2.0 is at least more believably attainable than "seriously...". Counting all kills including campaign against originally only ranked matches? You know how many kills I have ranked in gears 1? Like, twenty.

Hm. I do need to set some time aside for an insane runthrough sometime.
Back to Rock Band:

100% FC Expert on Painkiller by Judas Priest. SAY WHAT

Do your stick fiddling laundry, man.

Oh, handy to know.

Wait. DO YOUR stick fiddling LAUNDRY
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Watch someone get 11 achievements in 1 Rock Revolution song