IN-GAME XMB zee oh em gee

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Pretty much the only people that understand and feel the pain of this is the one, maybe two of us that currently own PS3s, but inevitably with Sony "winning" the format war perhaps there'll be more of you. So here's the background. You know how in XBox Live you can press the XBox button and be presented with system settings, controls for your headset, messages, friend lists, recently played folk, etc.?

Well, we don't get that functionality on the PS3 side. We have to pull out of the game to reach any of that stuff. And even then they're buried under a few menus. So the menu bar system, the XMB or "xross media bar", people have been clamoring for a way to access it right in the game.

Instead, at GDC, we get this:


Maybe we'll see the functionality soon.
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at least some of them have a sense of humor over there, albeit a fairly bad one
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IN-GAME XMB zee oh em gee