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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 5:02 pm
by DEyncourt

Time to start a new thread on WoW.

Just in particular for today: after noon PDT I logged into WoW and found it to be unplayable. While my lag was ranging in the 30-100 ms, my framerate was too low to be playable, in the range of 3 frames per second. Anyone else having this problem? I just want to see if this may be a worldwide problem and not some local problem.

Mind you: I was playing late last night doing a Torghast run. Yeah, yeah, it IS tedious, but what parts of WoW have NOT been so when the game designers have deemed a portion of the game to be "essential"? AND I did clock that particular run: in and out, under 45 minutes. This was in a level 8 wing, a solitare run on my main hunter with only one death, that being on the final boss in that run. During that run there were no problems with the framerate.

I have found Shadowlands to be VERY unfriendly towards alts. Of course the past versions of WoW have had different levels of tolerance for alt-play but Shadowlands is particularly unfriendly. On two servers I have a total of 13 toons which COULD be run in Shadowland, but I basically have limited my play to only four toons: two beastmaster hunters, a frost mage and a havoc (DPS) demon hunter. My next highest toon is level 55 while the rest are in the range of level 51-53. Every now and again I get the notion to start working on getting another toon up to level 60, but after doing my usual daily chores running through my four mains I have found that my desire to work on another toon being quenched.

Unfortunately the guild that my three of my mains were in has all but vanished. It has been months since the guild message has been changed so I suspect that the leadership has likewise disappeared (although I do see occassional messages saying "<toon name> has logged on/out"). Much of the traffic on the trade channel has been for raids or other runs <<<FOR GOLD ONLY>>> <sigh>. I had been watching for other guild invites but unfortunately most of these have had raid times which were incompatible for me (my medical conditions being rather inflexible). Having been limited to LFRaids at the highest level my item levels on those four toons likewise have been limited: ranging from 195 to 201.

I have been thinking about switching one of my hunters to markmans but I haven't quite looked into all of the details of gear changes and such. What might be more bothersome is whether or not such a switch would require a faction change. Both of my hunters belong to Night Fae (this having been the existing recommendation at Ah, I did look it up on and their recommendation is Night Fae for markman hunters too.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 11:36 pm
by DEyncourt

Just a note to mark that after 5 pm or so I was able to log in and the slow framerate problem had gone away.