Sporadic WiFi problems with sporadic Warcraft

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Oh, I forgot: I did swap cable modems yesterday. After letting it take a couple of hours to fully update, I did run WoW for several hours without any insta-logouts.

My posted pathping report was AFTER my WoW run so after the modem swap. While the numbers may not have been exactly the same, from what I can recall these numbers were similar to a pathping report I saw BEFORE the modem swap including the reported 15% and 5% packet losses.
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Swapping modems always tended to work well for me to solve mystery internet issues. One plus for renting them (I own now).
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So it's not your WiFi.

Could be some dodgy last-mile wiring, maybe something wrong with the wiring in your house. Any ISP that was losing 5% of it's internal traffic wouldn't be in business long.

You should probably have a tech come out to do a line quality test, at the handoff and then at your jack. A good tech (or even a merely competent one) can find this stuff, but it'll cost ya.
My apologies, but I recognized this after my post with the pathping test that the second hop was NOT "my IP address on my ISP's server" but was my IP address on my cable modem.

I had an ISP tech come out to my house to check stuff yesterday. After I explained my series of problems he ran some tests but could not find anything which was running out of spec and thus made no alterations. Perhaps just out of sympathy he gave me another Ethernet cable to put between my AirPort Express and my cable modem. After making that swap I ran another pathping test and found that the third hop was reduced to 0% loss, although why an Ethernet cable change inside my house should make any difference to THAT is networking arcana far beyond me.

After I sent the current pathping test to Blizzard one of their techs replied that he had seen similar "losses" like the 15% loss I am seeing in my second hop. He guessed that it is probably some security feature between my AirPort Express and my cable modem, so basically I can ignore that hop because it isn't a real packet loss.

I have yet to run another LFR on any toon since my last run-through last week. Perhaps I'll try today.


Just for completeness (and as a partial explanation to the odd name for this thread), let me post a slightly modified (for clarity) version of the post I sent to Blizzard BEFORE they graduated my problem to senior tech support:
About once every 2-4 months something which is 5 GHz but NOT a WiFi device gets turned on. I do not know what it is except that it is NOT WiFi: I have a program named NetSpot which can identify WiFi in my neighborhood but it does not see whatever this device is. I do not know why this happens so infrequently and at seemingly random times throughout the day when it does happen. [Let me add that there might be several such interfering devices in my neighborhood.]

WITHIN WoW my toon will stop being able to interact with anything while the game appears to be running. I have had this happen while I was running my toon from one location to another (as opposed to riding on a taxi) and when I was able to return to the game my toon was many yards behind the path I moved him. If my toon happens to be located where normally I could log out of the game like in Ogrimmar, I cannot do so. The only thing I can do is "force quit" WoW and hope for the best if my toon happened to have been in a hostile situation. [Let me add that this happens very fast too. One time I opened a toon's mailbox and then was unable to click on anything within the mailbox window.]

OUTSIDE of WoW I can run a speedtest. My up- and download speeds will fluctuate erratically, usually not getting over 5 Mb down and often hitting zero throughput. Usually I could try to find another 5 GHz channel, but over time I have learned to return to the same channel I have been using (there are about 15 other WiFi signals identified by NetSpot in my neighborhood), so whatever is trouncing my signal is some device that gets turned on THAT infrequently and for only about 5-15 minutes (or for no apparent reason chooses my particular WiFi channel that infrequently?)--no idea what it might be. Short of changing my 5 GHz WiFi channel while this is happening I cannot do ANYTHING ELSE online including log back into WoW.

---------- (a line to separate above from below) ----------

ON THE OTHER HAND: this is NOT what has been happening since October 5th. Since then in between literal seconds of logging in to up to about 2 hours I will get sent to the login screen I think showing the message shown on the screen capture that I sent with my last post [sorry, since I am not getting the insta-logouts any more I cannot replicate the situation and I did not save that screenshot. I did check that error message online but I found nothing associated with it that I haven't already done or checked. Apparently the error message was Blizzard's version of "we don't know what happened except that you got logged out unexpectedly"]. I will note that the time between logouts has varied from day to day, but I cannot say that I noted a WoW update everytime there has been a change in that frequency (it is my habit to run WoW Launcher practically every time I start to play WoW). My toon will often rather characteristically pause in action if he happens to be doing something for a very short time--less than a tenth of second--then I see that dreaded login screen overlaid by that message (do note that there is something typed into the password field, so apparently some of my last keystrokes within the game were transferred into that field). EVERY time I can log back in quickly to that same toon (I can type in the WoW authentication code very quickly now).

Outside of WoW nothing else online seems to be affected. Running the speedtest gives me a relatively solid 15+ Mb down and 1-3 Mb up (I do not run a speedtest everytime since I have learned that it appears to be unaffected). If I had a web page up I can continue to use it without any problems (this is not usual for me, so this might have happened because I was forced to refer to WoWhead.com for an explanation for a new quest).

[and do note that since Oct. 17th I have NOT had any insta-logouts]

... Quick question. Did you try new ethernet cables before? They are a touch fragile and a kink can make them iffy.
Betonhaus posted:
... Quick question. Did you try new ethernet cables before? They are a touch fragile and a kink can make them iffy.

Not having any usable spares (too short), no. The Ethernet cable would have been literally the last thing I would have suspected, and I have no reason to think that the replacement made any substantial differences.

AND that particular cable that was replaced wasn't in any sort of high stress situation. It was a 10 or 12 footer (like its replacement) when the distance between my AirPort Express and the cable modem was less than 5 feet, and placed behind or under furniture backed close to a wall so it wasn't being stepped upon or kicked around in any way (maybe pushed aside by a vacuum cleaner).
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Oh... yeah, always swap cables first.

IT 101: Always start with Layer 1.
I've had so many weird issues resolved by replacing cables with new ones it's not even funny - especially when the old cables looked perfectly fine.
But please duly note that the worst part of my recent WoW problems were solved before any Ethernet cable swaps.
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my wow problems are internal to me.
I want my 16year old reflexes back.
at 62.. i cannot high end
Let me add that despite having many SOLVED problems with my ISP's cable modem, my Vonage modem, and WoW, the next time anyone in anyone's tech staff asks me if I had tried swapping Ethernet cables (and, no, I do not have a box full of them), that will be the first time.

Unfortunately I gave the old Ethernet cable to the ISP's tech who came to my house for him to put into recycle, so I cannot test if swapping that back would replicate that 5% packet loss.
I have added SOME numbers for 370 items here.

All of my active toons got 370 items from doing the Battle of Stromgarde scenarios, though only 2 of them got a shoulder and a chest. My friend mentioned that he ran through some of the CURRENT scenarios available from a NPC standing near the docks of Azar'alor and he got some 370 items from those as well though he did not mention if any of them were a head, shoulder or chest.


I guess my problems with WoW have been MOSTLY solved.

I finally ran my main hunter through LFRs. While sporadically I did get SOME lag only while in those LFRs, it was collectively in the range of 0.1 seconds when normally my lag elsewhere has been between 0.05 to 0.07 seconds, so survivable (to be sure my toon died several times but that was due to LFR mechanics and not that lag). MUCH better than that full second lag that I experienced before, so I logged into my ticket at Blizzard.net and closed it.
I guess my friend got really lucky in those Arathi Highlands (where Stromgarde is located) quests. I ran my main hunter through them and the one gear item he got was 340 hands (which were worse than the 340 hands he already had). There are also several silver-wreaths throughout the Arathi Highlands. My hunter did not get all of them, but he did get a pet and a toy from different ones.

Oh, I should mention that my friend wasn't exactly clear if those several 370 items he got were with several toons as opposed to just one (I'm guessing the former).

If you are like me and constantly have been short of War Resources, then note that 3 of the 6 quests there reward 200 War Resources EACH.

I don't know how long this phase of Battle will last, so I will try to send my other 4 active toons through them later today.
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DEyncourt posted:
one gear item he got was 340 hands

makes him 113 feet tall? cool.
I did run my 4 other active toons through the Arathi Highlands set of quests last night.

Apparently there was some shift between Friday night (when I ran my main hunter through them) and Saturday night because those 4 toons got FOUR quests which rewarded 200 War Resources each when my hunter only got three (I have no idea what he got instead since I do not recall what he got from each of the 6 quests).

On those 4 toons I got only one 370 item: 370 feet for my mage. I should point out that this was rewarded for raid-killing the NPC tank in the north-central part of Arathi (which is NOT one of the quest though it is marked on the map). My second hunter didn't even get an item from that fight: he only got an azerite point bonus.

For the rest of the rewards my toons only got 340 items if they got any. Only a few of these were improvements over previous items.

I asked my friend about what he got (he has 6 active Horde toons at the 120 level). He cleared up my question by saying that he got only two 370 items and those were on separate toons.


BTW: there is in the north-central hills between Arathi Highlands and The Hinterlands a new(?) tunnel connecting them. Or did that tunnel exist before Battle?
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Sporadic WiFi problems with sporadic Warcraft

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