Sporadic WiFi problems with sporadic Warcraft

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macnuke Afar
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you can't kill silver dragons on your own?
macnuke posted:
you can't kill silver dragons on your own?

Eh, sometimes, but it was Mac'Aree world quest at the time I killed it. This particular one had added mechanics which prevented my hunter from killing it solo so I started a group which downed it quickly enough, but just when I got to the body practically the entirety of Blizz servers went down (so I suppose I REALLY should look at my situation as my being VERY lucky that the Blizz server collapse hadn't happened just 10-15 seconds earlier while the beastie was still alive).

Fortunately when I did log in earlier today that silver-wreath had NOT respawned. The regular version could have been there as I was forced out right on its spawning point. And I guess that the usual silver-wreath loots were in my toon's mail.
OK, something I've figured out about that new forge aboard the Vindicaar. Perhaps it is described elsewhere [WoWhead] but I had to figure this out for myself.

It is obvious that it allows you to upgrade your artifact weapons based on its artifact level, but what is the purpose of that preview window?

Here's its advantage: each individual relic that you put into one of the 3 slots in each artifact weapon will have DIFFERENT second and third level bonuses that you can select at those higher levels. So far I've seen relics with combo DPS/healing bonuses ("Each time you damage or heal with your weapon....") or DPS/tanking bonuses ("Sometimes your weapon will increase your critical strike by X points and avoidance by Y points for 15 seconds."), but there may be some relics with ONLY DPS or healing or tanking bonuses. Since I have active toons which are DPS only (well, not my demon hunter but I run her only as DPS), those second or third level bonuses aren't particularly important to me, but for someone with a multi-task toon like a paladin or a druid may see that a particular relic may be most beneficial being placed into that toon's healing artifact rather than its tanking artifact (assuming that both of these artifact share relic slots of some particular aspect [blood, fel, storm, etc]). The only way to check out which bonuses that a particular relic will have is to get back to the Vindicaar and put that relic into the forge's preview window.

There is another reason why you should hold off inserting that new relic until you get back to the Vindicaar: once you have inserted a new relic, you will remove ALL of the benefits that you had "forged" into the previous relic. Now maybe you're like me and have only DPS toons so getting a 920 relic would be of great benefit if it is replacing an 890 relic given that for each increase of 5 item levels with increase that weapon's item level by 4 points (so that would be 24 point item level increase), but remember that the first level of bonuses for EVERY relic regardless of those for the other levels is a 5 point item level so until such a 920 relic has been reforged it will be only a 19 point item level increase in this particular situation. If instead you already had a 910 relic in a slot but you have picked up a 915 relic along the way, by immediately inserting that new relic into that slot you will in effect be losing a point in item level until you can get back to the Vindicaar to reforge in all bonuses. For an artifact weapon at artifact level 62 59 or below it might not make THAT much of difference because only that first level of forging benefits would be lost until reforged, but for an artifact weapon at artifact level 63 60 or higher then you will lose those second and third level bonuses until reforged.

EDIT: sorry, I had forgotten that my hunter's artifact weapon was at artifact level 62 when I first put it into the Vindicaar's "catalyst" (which I think is the name Blizz is using for that forge-like device).

Last edited by DEyncourt on Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:11 am.

I should add that if one wants to examine those second and third level bonuses, then one's toon must equip himself with that artifact weapon that uses that specific type of relic before being "inserted" into the forge on the Vindicaar for examination via the preview window. For example I wanted to check those bonuses for an iron relic that my marksman hunter had picked up from completing a quest but his marksman artifact has storm, blood and life relic slots in that order, thus requiring me to temporarily switch to either beastmastery or survival as their artifact weapons have an iron relic slot.

As it turned out I vendored it being only level 890 and the iron relics already in those other weapons were 900 and 895 respectively. Perhaps by coincidence, all three iron relics were exactly the same model except differing only by those item levels. Likewise all of their second and third level bonuses were identical, so at least we don't have to worry about them differing in those bonuses just because two relics differ ONLY in item level.
OK, I must admit that I do NOT pay ANY attention to most details when Blizzard makes updates so I am totally unaware when things like this happen.

Yesterday evening I happened to notice that both my mage and my demon hunter had gotten to Revered with Argussian Reach, so great! I had each of them go to the faction vendor aboard the Vindicaar and buy for gold the "extension" for the Flight Master Whistle which extends its effect to teleport points on Argus. It wasn't particularly expensive but a toon must be Revered to qualify to buy it. For it to work a toon must be "outdoors" (with that depending on what Blizzard qualifies as being such). I made those purchases with my mage and demon hunter within minutes of each other.

My main hunter had gotten the whistle extension a while back.

Then I started playing on my second hunter and I noticed that his whistle also worked. He is still only Honored with Argussian Reach and cannot buy the extension. Same thing with my warlock.

I just checked on my monk and rogue. Neither of them have even been to Argus and neither of them have the extension. Aside from doing stuff with their champions I consider them both inactive.

So I actually don't know when that spread for the extension was applied. Maybe Blizzard decided that once one toon has qualified then all your toons who are on Argus also get it, or maybe a player must have 2 or 3 toons make the purchase in order to qualify for all "Argus" toons.
macnuke Afar
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so much is account wide now.
when my Warlock opened al the portals i moved to my need character.
once I got to Argus, they were all open.. quest line be damned.
It looks like Blizzard has fixed their LFR "problem" in that in the final raid for Legion the LFR tier armor is identical to those given out in the higher level "real" raids, just different in their base levels.

Here is a list of which piece of armor drops from which boss:
boss                   LRF  tier
Garothi Worldbreaker   1    -
Felhounds of Sagaras   1    [mount] (in brackets because that mount isn't a tier piece)
Antoran High Command   1    back
Portal Keeper Hasbel   2    -
Eonor the Life-Binder  2    chest
Imonar the Soulhunter  2    leg
Kin'garoth             3    hand
Varimathas             3    -
The Coven of Shivarra  3    shoulder
Aggramar               4    head
Argus the Unmaker      4    [+5 level increase for some specific trinkets, NOT for LFR]

Here are the tier bases for each level of raid:
915+ LFR
930+ Normal
945+ Heroic
960+ Mythic

As yet the highest level tier piece I've gotten on any of my toons from LFR has been 935.

Now that Blizz has changed this policy (which had been so since the final raid in Pandaria, I think), it gives even very advanced players reasons to go into LFRs just for the chances of completing a 2- or 4-set within that tier. On the other hand it does remain to be seen if players have learned of this difference.


I don't know about you, but I am finding how Blizz has separated some quests from the dungeons they appear in to be somewhat troublesome. Right now I have been more than willing to help out toons that haven't completed those quests yet for whatever reasons, but I really do think that Blizz should consider giving a more obvious reward to those players who have already completed those quests other than the possibility of some more gold because obviously that isn't enough.

For example: in the Seat of the Triumvirate--the newest 5-man dungeon in Mac'aree--there is whole quest chain that requires a toon to go in this dungeon at least 4 times (which must be done over 4 days as this heroic-only dungeon will be locked after the first try of the day) PLUS sometimes there is a world quest. As it happened on my mage earlier today, one of the other players asked about completing the world quest in there but I had to ask for the details since my mage had done it yesterday. Then at the end another player asked about doing the armory part of that quest chain but unfortunately everyone else had left the dungeon. We gave it a try but we were unable to complete that.

MAYBE what Blizz could do is give a notice at the start of such dungeons to all players saying what reward they might get for helping those players in quest chains or with world quests, because otherwise it seems that few players are willing to give ANY time towards such.
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I'm finding if you aren't running a high key 5man... they all want to face roll thru as fast as possible.
which means troublesome quests take too much time.
so yes. the best way to get 5man quests done is to go into your group finder... Premade Groups and list what you want.
I use it specifically for that reason. finally got around to one of my alts needing eye of az in mythic with zero keystones mode.
took about 15 minutes...all 5 of us needed that quest. and geared as we are now a days, no tank, 4 locks and a healer that we didn't need made short work of it. only one death.. but hey.. we have soul stones.
anyway.. people forget about the LFG pane so just a reminder.

and on the bright side.... the Antoran Charhound dropped on me Wed night... what a big ugly sucker.
31 more for Lord of the Reigns
I don't pay real money for any mounts... so it's interesting at times.
Today (7/17) Blizz dropped the latest revision of WoW (version 8.01) in preparation for their release for the NEXT full version in mid-August.

I looked over at least some of the changes during the long download (about 10 GB, I think). Yeah, yeah, I should be used to this now but I am beginning to seriously think: "Do I want to bother 'relearning' the game AGAIN?"
macnuke Afar
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save time.... read the forums for the class of your choice.
it's also about the end of life for my Mac Pro that has been updated to a 3.33 Xeon and a sapphire 7xxx 3G GPU.
i will need more graphics card...
considering an nVidia 1080Ti flashed...
but really thinking I'll just build me a new PC for gaming and use the Mac for just about everything else.
I set up my main hunter so far. I left him as Marksman even though it looks like the current stats favor Survival over Beast Master over Marksman. I ran him through a heroic dungeon (Upper Karazhan) and did OK overall.

While Icy-Veins.com provides some updated recommendations, I did see that one was not quite right. For gems to be put into sockets, the writer for MM hunters (and I suppose for ALL hunters) was to put in Delicate Ornate Rubies into all sockets. This will add +10 to agility with each gem. As far as I can tell this appears to be a NEW gem recipe that currently is not available.

There is also a recommendation to use one of the older belt buckle blacksmithing recipes to add a socket to all belts. I had my blacksmith make a Living Steel Belt Buckle but found that it could not be used on my hunter's belt because the belt was too high a level (despite the overall item level squish).

Anyway, I checked out what my jewelcrafter knew for older agility gems and found that the Cataclysm recipe for Delicate Queen's Garnet will add +7 to agility. There is also the Legion recipe for Saber's Eye of Agility which will add +9 to agility BUT there is a limit of only one of these that can be used by a toon (plus my jewelcrafter doesn't know that recipe yet), so I bought one of those from the auction house, and also bought out all of the Queen's Garnets which the auction house had 15 for just under 15 gold each considering that I assume that the recommendation will be for all toons to have agility/intellect/strength added via gems. I just checked again and now someone had put up 10 or so Queen's Garnets for 200 gold each.
I've set up my mage (frost), demon hunter (havoc AKA DPS) and second hunter (beast master) so far. All of my reset toons have done OK in dungeons: not the top, not the bottom, but then none of my toons had much beyond LFR raid gear. Aside from a few unusual random drops from events like completing the weekly time-walking dungeon my active toons were between 935 and 945 before the overall points squish.

I should note that while Icy-Veins.com still recommends Delicate Ornate Rubies for all gem slots for hunters (and their writers have completely removed those belt buckle recommendations), something weird has happened to those overnight. I finally figured out that those particular gems were available only from one of the Honor vendors in Ogrimmar/Stormwind City. While a few of them had appeared on the auction house for 5-6 K each, when I got to that Honor vendor in Ogrimmar I saw that all of the Ornate Rubies were bind-on-pickup. Considering that (I think) everyone's honor points got reset to zero with version 8.0, those must have bought by some early PvP players and quickly put up on the auction house. Perhaps the intention by Blizz was to encourage PvP?

But I also saw that early this morning that the Delicate Ornate Rubies were only +6 to agility, so down from +10.

The Saber's Eye of Agility/Intellect/Strength are still +9 to each of their stats (though only one cut Saber's Eye per toon in worn gear), and the Delicate Queen's Garnets are still +7 to agility. Maybe Blizz will squish those too.
That was fun. Last night when I brought up my second hunter at first I did NOT immediately notice that about half of his buttons were gone.

After fussing with this for a bit I figured out what APPARENTLY had happened: his macros got reset to what they were BEFORE version 8.0 dropped. I was sure of this because I had to delete AGAIN an old macro that was no longer valid because of the new BM hunter shots.

I had NOT changed any of the macros for my other toons. It just occured to me that perhaps ALL my toons had their macros reset but because I hadn't made any changes in macros for the others there wasn't anything for me to notice.

I was following the recomendations on this Icy-Veins page for BM hunters, though I modified it thus:
#showtooltip Multi-Shot
/use claw
/use bite
/use smack
/use Multi-Shot

I substituted in "use" for "cast" if only to save a single letter each time it is used.

That initial petattack ensures that my BM hunter's pet will be attacking whatever my hunter is shooting at that moment (most important when switching from a now-dead NPC to a new one), then the claw/bite/smack command ensures that whichever pet he has out will use that class' basic attack every time after cooldown (the "inappropriate" commands are just ignored by the other classes of pet).

Of course substitute in the name of the appropriate shot for "Multi-Shot".


The WoW Legion app is MOSTLY working.

Annoyingly it still will NEVER remember to turn off the sound effects (which are simply annoying AND loud). You can reset them for any particular toon but as soon as you switch to another toon (or reload that same toon for that matter), the sound effects will play again even though when you open the options (button in upper left corner of main toon screen) you will see that the SFX checkbox is still "off".

No, there is no "save" button or option.

But at least you do not have to park your toons at their guild halls to take care of those basic chores.

The problem before was when you clicked on the button to select another toon in the upper right corner of the basic screen, instead of getting a button which would allow you to choose more than the 2 other toons you had most recently brought up, that button was "Log out" and pressing it would just do that.


I noticed that my warlock (destro) is now producing WAY less damage than my other active toons (all DPS), at least while in 5-man heroic dungeons. My other toons are in the upper 2 K to upper 3 K range while my warlock is doing only 1.7 K.

I probably should consider switching my main hunter from marksman to beast mastery since the latter seems to be doing better damage (lower 3 K vs. upper 3 K, respectively).
OK, that was fun. At first I thought this was my old problem with WiFi that I hadn't seen for many months now.

As it happened I was trying to post here on Macstack at about 2 am PDT. I had added something a few minutes before so I had no reason to suspect any problems, but when I tried to view the preview of that post it took forever before Firefox gave up.

OK, I was able to back up and copy the text I had entered in order to save it temporarily just in case, then I began trying my usual things to attempt to fix this problem. Usually I will only have to try out several of the available 5.0 GHz channels before finding one in the clear, but I could not find any.

<sigh> So I thought that maybe locally some NEW device had come online and stomped on a new channel, maybe a couple of them. Unfortunately it does take a while for my AirPort Expresses to switch channels so it took a long time to scan through all of them and then to even try forcing them to use one of the channels "next" to those that are available for 5.0 GHz WiFi. Nothing worked.

I laid down in bed for a while. A thought occured to me: maybe the problem isn't with WiFi but with ATT.net, my ISP? I was about to try to go through my iPhone (telling it to NOT use WiFi since that was linked through my home WiFi), but first I tried a general test again. Success, I was able to get through.

I checked around and found this site that checks for network outages and you can see that at 2:12 am PDT a problem began for AT&T.
OK, so far I have run my main hunter through the War of the Thorns opening quest chain. At the end of that hunter is now eligible to run a daily set of 4 (or more?) quests in Darkshore (my guess is that the Alliance will be doing the same to Silverpine Forest, just south of Undercity/Tirisfal Glades) where the rewards have been 210 pieces of gear. So far I have found that about 1/3rd of these are rated by Pawn as better pieces of the mostly LFR-level (with a few higher) pieces of gear AND including the former artifact weapons (though for my marksman hunter I had only gotten 2 identical survival 2-handers).

BUT that entire quest chain does take about 2 hours to go through. Blech.
Apparently at some point between when 8.0x dropped and now Blizz decided to give players this option: as long as ONE toon on the Horde or Alliance side had completed that set of opening quests, then when your remaining toons on that side talks to Sylvanas in Undercity (or someone else on the Alliance side) then you will be given the option to skip that opening set of quests and immediately get to the daily set of 4 quests in Darkshore.

And I was wrong about the Alliance going somewhere else. For some reason on the first two days I did the set of Darkshore quests with my Horde hunter I saw no Alliance players. Earlier today sent each of my other 4 active toons to Darkshore and saw some Alliance toons with their names in orange. Hyjal isn't a PvP server so there was no interaction with them even though for some of those quests we were working at cross-purposes.
macnuke Afar
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it was the same in syphillis. (Sithilus)
and PvP servers are gone.
you are locked out of any and all PvP or you are in War Mode which allows you to battle other players and NPCs in war mode but never the players that choose not to be in war mode
macnuke posted:
it was the same in syphillis. (Sithilus)
and PvP servers are gone.
you are locked out of any and all PvP or you are in War Mode which allows you to battle other players and NPCs in war mode but never the players that choose not to be in war mode

Ah, thanks. I haven't been any sort of PvP player for a while and haven't bothered to learn ANYTHING about PvP in that intervening time.


Apparently recently Blizz decided to place a new Horde innkeeper at the coordinates of 45.00, 87.12 in Darkshore.

Do note that "innkeeper" because:

1) there is nowhere to sleep in order to exit the game at this location (every place I tried got me the 20-second timer giving me the chance to cancel this attempt to log out), and

2) there is no mailbox.

But this is closer than the Zoram'gar Outpost at the southern end of the western shore of Ashenvale. And, of course, there would be little reason for anyone to use a hearthstone to get back to this Darkshore "inn"--just use your Dalaran hearthstone to get back to a place which is much more useful.
macnuke Afar
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the world tree is going to burn.. so Darnassas will be no more.
the alliance will aqquire Undercity... which will be renamed to it's original name of old Lordaeron which is the city the Prince Arthas started construction of.
horde gets pretty much all of Kalimdor and Alliance has the eastern kingdoms.
I THOUGHT that all of my "active" toons had gotten ALL of their legendary items, but day before yesterday while my BM hunter worked on those new "world quests" in Darkshore he got a new legendary drop.

When I got back to Dalaran at the end of all that I decided to check upon what he had stored in the bank (and was using) against what the Wakening Essences vendor in the blacksmith shop had to offer (BTW: that guy is now offering to sell for 1000 Wakening Essences each either an account-bound token for a semi-random legendary piece for each of the 12 classes of toons along with class-specific legendaries for a particular toon). I found that the vendor had 23 hunters legendaries, so given that my BM hunter now has 22 I thought that he needs to pick up only 1 more.

BUT I also checked what my main MM hunter has since it has been a long time that he had been getting those tokens for legendaries for a RANDOM class that had happened before 8.0x dropped. It turns out that he has a total of 24 legendaries. So what gives? After comparing his legendaries against those that the vendor is offering I found that that vendor does NOT have the "Insignia of the Grand Army" ring (that name might differ for Alliance toons). Apparently the only way to get that ring is to beat Argus the Unmaker in any level of the last Legion raid (so LFR too). So my BM hunter is missing 2 Legion legendaries.

That Wakening Essences vendor has this many legendaries for these classes (though do recall to add 1 to these numbers for the Insignia of the Grand Army ring to get the total possible):
20 for demon hunters.
23 for hunters.
22 for mages.
29 for monks.
25 for paladins.
19 for rogues.
23 for shamans.
22 for warlocks.
21 for warriors.
Sorry, I do not have any death knights, druids, or priests (at least not Legion level), so I do not know how many legendaries they could get.


Hmm. I just looked at the list of available classes and it looks like players cannot create a new demon hunter at all. Yes, I selected blood elf for race and there was no demon hunter option.


I've found that while the Veiled Argunite vendor aboard the Vindicaar still has relics for sale (those items that go into the slots of the artifact weapons), after buying several items after 8.0x dropped I had found that ALL of them were item level 192 when clicked upon. Bah. I just now got a 212 trinket from that vendor on my demon hunter (and one that actually was an improvement over the 172 she replaced). That is the first item that I have seen since 8.0x dropped which was better than 192.

So I dunno. Maybe it was just that the RNGods decided to smile upon me just now or that Blizz decided to change the odds of getting something better than that item-level 192 base from that vendor. While each of my toons COULD get a SLIGHT improvement with a 212 relic, I think that I would rather hope they eventually get a 235 weapons drop from the Darkshore world quests and thus render this option moot. Thus far I have only seen level 210 weapons drop (though a friend said he got a 235 weapon last night).
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grabbed a 215 staff... I look at the armor pcs and cringe. they are just barely enough to be considered upgrade for some pcs.... but when wearing 4pc set bonus... armor is down and ups is up.. i like dps as high as i can get it. so i sim my armor

as far as legos are concerned.... i look for whats the best two or three... if I have em.. i am good to go.... not going to grind all the others out on a boatload of alts.

my main is going to stay on Turalyon.. but I have moved a handful of my alliance to Stormrage.. high ally CRZ... so I can cheat on warmode lol
it's transition time... so stingy with my gold... and playing for what might make a few coin so I don't go broke.
Last night doing my rounds with my active toons and basically getting nothing TOO useful (maybe a gem slot or a secondary which I've never understood like Parry [for a ranged DPS?]), my warlock got a 245 drop (feet) (waist) from one of his Darkshore world quests.

Mind you: I think that the combined total of all of the Darkshore world quests I've done on all toons is about 80 so not a particularly high rate overall. Perhaps I'll have on average one level-245 item on each of my 5 active toons by the time the new version fully drops.


For my followers for my active toons I had been sending them on quests for (in order of preference and when available):
1) Wakening Essences,
2) Order Resources,
3) rep tokens for Legion factions,
4) Bloods of Sargaras,
5) um, that other token used on the Vindicaar whose name I can never remember since I haven't used them, Primal Sagerite,
6) Veiled Argunites.
Though I think I will push Veiled Argunites up to second or third, and drop those rep tokens down to last.

EDIT: sorry, I misrecalled where that 245 piece went.

Last edited by DEyncourt on Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:55 am.

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rep token so you can get more of the faction chests.... i haven't cashed in on those yet.. i am saving to see if I can get 4 or 5 chests at once from the factions.. chance of one of the new mounts in the chests.

so much work all about to be in the toilet.
I had an epiphany (AKA "D'oh!) last night:

My 5 active toons don't need assign one of their followers as a bodyguard.

Of course I haven't made much use of them since 8.0x dropped, spending most of my game time doing the Darkshore quests. I had set up a macro for my main MM hunter which would place his focus on his bodyguard allowing that hunter to misdirect to that bodyguard, but that macro is useless in Darkshore.

Since I had put in Order Resource bonuses into all of those add-on slots of those bodyguards, they are often pretty crappy for many follower missions unless they had as their basic characteristics one that was a mission advantage. Of course I had sold off ALL my stacks of follower add-ons that all of my active toons had so right now I cannot replace them, so I have added those quests which can boost their percentage chance for completing a mission with hazards/minions/spells to the list of follower quests. I guess I will do that for as long as it takes to swap out all of their Order Resource add-ons, not much caring if my former bodyguards have one of each hazards/minions/spells add-ons nor if all of these have the maximum 50% mission completion bonus.
OR--another D'oh!--I can "retire" those bodyguards by replacing them with followers who already have those "better" (for now) add-ons.
Apparently Blizz has decided to make going to Darkmoon Faire irrelevant.

Before 8.x dropped I had been sending my toons to the Faire to do the weekly profession quests there because they would boost any of those which were not at maximum by up to 5 points. Of course with 8.x Blizz had decided to revamp the entire professions scheme by putting them into categories which depended upon a toon's level. I do have a couple of bank toons which I had been leveling up by doing the Ogrimmar cooking and fishing dailies practically every day since about this past March so they are now stuck at level 1 cooking for Outland (requiring a minimum toon level of 60) and level 1 fishing for Northrend (requiring a minimum toon level of 70). These toons are at level 49 and 47 so I figured that they simply will not advance their cooking and fishing until they get to those levels via experience.

Fine. But what about my paladin? He was a banking toon but I used the Cataclysm boost to get him to level 90, then in the intervening time I had gotten him to level 110 JUST by doing the Ogrimmar cooking and fishing dailies. Because of the fewer points given by those cooking daily quests his cooking was at Northrend level BUT his fishing was at Legion level by the time 8.x dropped. His scores for each are now at level 1 though at those new separate levels.

So I sent him to Darkmoon Faire in part to do its weekly profession quests. Fishing at Darkmoon really sucked: despite having Legion level fishing he got only various trash in about 5 in 6 casts while fishing so it took a while. Worse, after turning in his Faire quests I checked his professions list and found that NOTHING had advanced at all: no change for the effort of fishing at Darkmoon, nor any benefit for completing the fishing weekly. ALL of his professions were at the same level they were before going to the island (his "main" professions are blacksmithing and mining).

If this is going to be so, then why send any toon to Darkmoon Faire?

On top of this, for whatever reasons Blizz had been recently "rewarding" a lot of tokens for those separate weekly quests that must be turned in at the Faire for Darkmoon Tickets. I had bought all of the leveling bonus items from the vendor at the Faire such that I HAD outfitted FOUR toons with that gear from the Faire and from the timewalking vendors and from the vendor in Undercity. Since two of those toons are now at level 110 I had them turn in such gear to my banking toon for storing such that I now have an overabundance. So Darkmoon Tickets are irrelevant to me.

I guess I will just trash these if I cannot sell them to vendors.
On Thursday I sent my main MM hunter do run the "Defend the Undercity" scenario (yeah, it was first available on Tuesday but I hadn't felt like logging in until then, being content to just use the Legion phone app to keep my toon's followers active). It is filled with complicated cutscenes with the ending one where we get to watch Sylvanas do the childish thing of "If I can't have it then I'll make it very painful for you to make use of it" by completely filling the surface ruins of Lorderon over Undercity with scourge (although seriously: wouldn't it take Jaina perhaps a week--and only that long if she didn't want to exhaust herself--to clean up that mess?).

Though in her defense, there was the entire story chain in Stormheim where--from the Horde's POV at least--Sylvanas had gone off on her own side quest for some item which ultimately had been denied to her by the leader(?) of the Worgen. The exact nature of what that item would have done wasn't entirely clear--perhaps it would have restored her as a Blood Elf (wouldn't that have been to the benefit for the Alliance? That likely would have thrown the leaderships of Horde and the Undead into question)? On the other hand I suppose from the Alliance POV it might have granted her even more power as the warchief of the Horde.

And wasn't this Blizzard's version of the overall fantasy theme over the past couple of decades of "vampires vs. werewolves"? Sure, WoW's Undead do not drink blood (unless they want to do so), but :shrug:

In any case: after completing that "Defend the Undercity" scenario, most of all my reaction was: "And I get to do this FOUR more times with my active toons?" I was considerably underwhelmed. I'm with Saurfang: "For the Horde?"
You can skip these intros with alts. Just do it once on Alliance and once on Horde. There will be another option in the menu to skip it right after you accept the quest.
Thanks, Kirk!

Though it is something of a measure of my (lack of) enthusiam for WoW now that I have only bothered to run the Legion phone app (at that only once per day) to get my toons' followers running about. I was scarcely aware that Battle of Azeroth had started at 10 pm UTC (so 3 pm PDT) today, August 13th.
macnuke Afar
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so I basically screwed around... ran around filling map killing races and looting chests.
my necklace is now level 4 and robe is level 3.
and toon is almost 113. and ran one instance.

somethings i like.. some I do not.
I hate the convoluted city with multi levels.
My tanks will be doing nothing but running dungeons to 120. Instant queues and 280 gear at 111. Legendaries are history quick.
macnuke Afar
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heh. they say you can get 5 levels out of your legendaries.
I'm no all that optimistic but we shall see.
macnuke Afar
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so reading news this morning it seems that one of Method's members hit level cap in under 5 hours.
Questing Kirk. not insta queue's.

I kinda like all the game and stopped being a bleeding edge raider years ago in wrath.

but it's Method... they have no life.
macnuke posted:
I hate the convoluted city with multi levels.

Agreed. Super confusing and hardly any "logic" to layout except that some areas are race-specific (like a turtle race in the SE corner that was kinda amusing). There are multiple locations for finding trainers for the professions, and I am pretty sure that I will not be able to locate where they are for each of my toons (I spent my entire time on my MM hunter who is a skinner/leatherworker. I did find those).

I wandered around a lot picking up quests from around the main city AND in the surrounding area. I managed to get only 55% through towards level 111 because I was trying to find my way to the flight master inside the city but I kept on finding my way downslope and then out to the surrounding area. I finally found a flight master outside of town and after completing a set of quests in that area I used the taxi service to finally fly to the flight master IN the city and thus was able to complete the quest of flying out to the zone with the Blood Trolls. I managed to complete a few quests there before I got the countdown warning for the 5 am PDT shutdown.
macnuke Afar
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btw.... my preferred mount....

Reins of the Crimson Water Strider.

either is fine.. but a water walker is a plus. it just saves time and I run where I want to.
yeah, back to the water strider as my default mount

Also, I agree about that multilevel city. Its confusing as hell
macnuke Afar
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need to run some simcraft..
4pc set bonus level 110 IL 200.
versus the 220/225 stuff that i have been collecting.
trying to figure if the incremental gear increase is worth it or just level with the set bonus intact for a few more levels.
on call at the hospital and they seem to think i need to work extra hours...so the lock is only 112 at the moment.
What I write will be mostly Horde-specific since I have active toons only on the Horde side.

Near the "first" inn--where there is that plotting table where your toon selects which of the 3 zones to work in--there are cooking and archeology trainers. The only fishing trainer is in the northern section of the main city (that part which is separated by a set of lakes/rivers). On the other hand, there appears to be no reason to go back to either the archeology or fishing trainers once your toon has gotten "Battle"-level training as there are no sub-levels or recipes to buy for archeology or fishing, only to work on them to get your toon to level 150. Cooking (of course) has a number of recipes that you will have to go back to a trainer to learn as they require your toon to be certain levels to learn them.

BUT there is also an inscription trainer in one of those rooms off from where the inn is. Maybe that's a concession to inscriptionists who were rather badly treated throughout Draenor and Legion.

There is a level below that inn is which is explicitly named the Trainer market (or something like that). It was there that my MM hunter found the skinning and leatherworking trainers next to each other, but I'm bit more uncertain about the enchanting trainer. I did find one but in that northern section with the fishing trainer, but it may be just that I missed the enchanting trainer in that Trainer market.

All I can say is that someone high up in Blizzard's hierarchy really loves the skinning/leatherworking combo because my main hunter was able to pick up recipes that MIGHT be substitutes for the best gear he got during Legion (though recall that aside from a handful of drops out of Darkshore, the majority of my toons' gear was LFR at best aside from the pair of legendaries and the artifact weapons) that he learned from the LWing trainer except for the problem that he wasn't level 111 yet (he is now). Since the secondary characteristics are randomly created at the time of time of crafting, chances are that my hunter will have to make a lot of pieces with the "bad" secondaries (though that's OK because he can mail them to my mage who is my enchanter/tailor). Just maintaining my usual habit of trying to skin EVERYTHING he kills, my main hunter has enough raw materials for 15-20 of those opening pieces.

Oh, the mailbox for that "first" inn is on the outer deck to the left (west) as you head north out of the inn (so opposite from the direction to the nearby flypoint). Apparently Blizz is following their usual pattern for the mailboxes: look for them to be on your left as you exit the inn.
macnuke posted:
need to run some simcraft..
4pc set bonus level 110 IL 200.
versus the 220/225 stuff that i have been collecting.
trying to figure if the incremental gear increase is worth it or just level with the set bonus intact for a few more levels.

Personally I thought that the set bonuses for the ending Legion armor were simply too nebulous to rely upon them. They usually were in the nature of "Get a bonus of X points to some stat for Y seconds at random times", so there was no way to know when your toons were getting those bonuses and how much they affected their play.

I was content to break up most of the 2pc and 4pc sets on all of my active toons when they got better Darkshore drops, which is not to say that I broke up all of them given the random nature of the Darkshore drops (where my MM hunter NEVER got a bow at all). Only earlier today I broke up a 2pc Legion set on that hunter because of the gear drops from the quest sets AND he had particularly bad Darkshore drops with lots of useless duplicates ("Hurray! 225...oh, shoulders when he already has 230 shoulders").
macnuke Afar
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bottom line... DPS is close enough not to care about.
armor increase is always good.
I am leveling affliction warlock.
learning the zone and not worried about a speed level.
but with the slow leg ring.. it's DoT and go for the most part.
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