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Picked this one up yesterday. I was quickly annoyed that whatever inept factory that assembled my package neglected to pop in a downloadable content card, so no extra dungeon and Spartan armor and Energy sword for me until they sort it out. Grrr.

Then I started playing and stopped caring about that as much. It's a great game, with a few faults. Lots of button mashing/timing events to make money and impress people. I found it more than a little annoying. But the graphics are spectacular, the story seems significantly longer than Fable I, and the "glowing trail" that marks the quest objectives is awesome. You can wander around freely, and always have an idea of where you have to go to get back on track with your current quest. And rather than handicapping you by having the quest path always defaulting to the main quest, you can choose which quest is highlighted in your quest log. The dog is cool, but it is also annoying at times to have to pet him, give treats, and heal him in order to keep him happy. Also, everything you do in the world affects your appearance. So after using too much food for healing in order to save potions, my hero is now pretty damn chunky, and it doesnt appear that there is a way to reduces ones girth.

Now one of the weird/awesome things about the game. Any of your friends playing, who are in a fairly close area, apear in your world (even if you are not playing co-op) as little glowing orbs, and you can use your mic to chat with them. The first time it happened to me, I was pretty creeped out and couldnt figure out why I was hearing bits of conversation in the headset. Connor and I were working the forge at the Blacksmith for a few minutes before he either went away or logged off. But I didnt talk to him! You can also send and receive gifts to and from people in the same general area to get the "Philanthropist" achievement.

So yeah.... great game!
Erm ... okay. Thanks for sharing.
And that's Conner.
Wow.Who woulda thunk someone might post their impressions of a game in a section called"Games" :p

And its not my ault he spells it wrong! ;)
I felt kinda bad that no one was replying, but I didn't have much to contribute.
juice Inadvertently correct
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Since when has that stopped you before, Shnicky?

It obviously didnt stop him. ;)

I dont care if anyone replies... just thought I'd toss out an opinion so anyone who may be thinking bout trying it can express an opinion. No one is... so its all good.
Conner Of Gallifrey
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I hadn't replied yet since I've been so BUSY PLAYING! I have seen you from time to time Warin, that part is awesome IMHO. I'm currently buying up all the property in the town square, and am raking in the cash.
Thanks for that, Conner.
Schnickey is being annoying :P
Only for you, sweet Warwhine.
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Fable II