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We're proud (and relieved) to announce the 1.0 release of Aleph One. Nearly 12 years since Bungie released the source code for Marathon 2, it's finally feature-complete with the original engine and polished enough to deserve the 1.0 label. New features include full Marathon 2 and Infinity film support, including drag-and-drop; numerous improvements to the interface; OpenGL (Shader) fixes; new Lua features, and of course, bug fixes.

Accompanying this release we have a new set of data files for each of the games. Marathon has been completely updated to make it as true to the original as possible in the engine in its current state, removing M1A1's weird opening, extra secret levels, and changes to puzzles; and emulating the behavior of Marathon's triggered battles are closely as we can in Aleph One. Marathon 2 includes the full HD graphics upgrades featured in the Xbox LIVE Arcade game Marathon: Durandal, which Bungie and Freeverse have generously allowed us to distribute. Marathon Infinity includes goran's HD wall textures and landscapes, and the XBLA weapons graphics.

Each of the the three games also comes with its own theme, a widescreen HUD, and a new icon. We've changed the way they're distributed, too: they're now available as all-in-one apps for the Mac, and all-in-one zip files for Windows. Just download, unzip/mount, and double click. is up to date and should help you get the files you need. If you want to read detailed release notes for the 1.0 release, they are available at ... 11201.html

We will have a press release available tomorrow for a more general audience, but we wanted to send this note tonight to give you an early start on re-experiencing the Marathon Trilogy. Our thanks go out to everyone who has helped Aleph One and the Marathon trilogy get to this point!

Cool and it works with Lion.
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Aleph One 1.0