Super Mario 3D Land

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The gameplay looks awesome and hard as hell at the same time.

I wonder how it is going to do in sales. If I had a 3DS I'd definitely buy it.

Super Mario 3D Land
Playing it now, it is awesome but I'm wishing it where the new Paper Mario 3D instead (favorite Mario series) If you get stuck on a level and keep dying I'm not sure how many lifes I lost for it but after so many a invincibility cloak item spawns at the start of the normal non boss levels for you to use if you choose to. (useless on those damn airships as falling off to your death isn't prevented with it)
Also upon launching the title for the 1st time the it included a firmware update which was weird seeing as I was just on the eShop minutes prior and if your system isn't up to date the eShop won't let you access it, must of been game related only or something?
Edit: The only thing I dislike about it is the controls, you're forced to use the circle pad as the control pad moves the camera :(

Also veiwing the 3D screen snaps from your 3DS homepage doesm't do justice to the game as those must compressed to like 25% quality to load quick as they are way pixilated and do not represent the actual graphics.
So I just rescused Peach from Browser and I thought boy that was a short game (8 1/2 worlds), but after the credits rolled it was revealed that Mario now needs to rescue his Luigi from Dry Browser. The worlds are way harder now and also the invisibility tanuki leaf isn't handed from constantly dieing anymore like it was for the Peach rescue play through.

Edit: After you clear world S1 you rescue Luigi and you get to use him if you choose to to clear the rest of the Special worlds.

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Did you often get the invincibility leaf?
The majority of deaths in this game for me at least come from falling to your untimely death and not from the baddies, so if you did choose to use the leaf it wouldn't help much. As I've gotten it on the stupid air ship lands and died like 10 more times in a row, that and the lands that push you through the map or you get screen squeezed to death. But lives aren't hard to come by as what ever time you've left when you clear a land is divided by 10 and turned into coins and if you hit the top of the flag poles you also get a 1-up, I've had left 100+ lives after clearing the Peach worlds.
I'm in world 5 or 6, and I have like 100 lives. I've seen the gold leaf 3 times. :) And I agree, falling is more common that being killed by bad guys.

Oooh, and so far I'm at 100% coin collection (though a few levels took a few tries).
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This is the best Mario I've played in years!!!
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The first 8 worlds and the first two S worlds were a lot of fun. The third S world I often found more frustrating than fun. I'm just starting the 4th.
Oops. It was S4 that irritated me, and S5 I'm working on now.
Finally beat it! 3 star coins in every level!

Some of the special world levels are [i]insidious![/s]
congrats, have you street passed any levels?
You mean the boxes? Quite a few.
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Super Mario 3D Land