Dead Island

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Just got it today. I've only played a little so far, but I'm digging it.

I like how it's set up so that you have to be careful about fighting lest you get too tired.
TechnoBill Freakazoid
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I have a friend that bought it.

He said he is really digging the game.

I'm going to be waiting for it to hit the bargain shelf though. It just isn't ranking high enough on the list to buy right now. I have other games coming up that I want to get.

I think he said he was about half-way through so far.
NightCougar of the Dawn +9650 postcount
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Same I got a friend that likes it a lot. He'd really like me to get it so we can play COOP but he knows I've spent most of my money on BF3 and TOR.
FINALLY got to the part with guns.

Kind of funny ... I'm playing solo, but the game always assumes everyone will be playing co-op. NPC address me in the plural, and lots of cutscenes show all four playable characters.
user Stupid cockwomble
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I may just get that game. I've got a few other games that I need to sell back.
Whoah! I've now moved beyond the resort and now I'm in the town. It's stick fiddling crazy, man! The zombies are everywhere! I spend half the time running like hell, barely able to see where the Christ I'm going.

It's so smart! Much better than gunning down hordes of the stenches. Totally realistic. Not to mention adrenaline-pumping! And then you round some corner and some guy just starts shooting at you. So chaotic!

Though some of the side missions are just plain dumb. Put up posters? In a city overrun by zombies? Really?
Man, I can't get over how huge this game is. Just keeps going and going, new maps, new areas. From a resort to a city to a jungle. And then maybe an island?
LeeBarnes Royal Wombat
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I rented this game over the weekend. I think I'll pick it up again. It's pretty neat.
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Dead Island