I'm done with Steam

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I'm so psyched up about this. So I started doing digital download and play games a couple of years ago with Steam. Now I have over a dozen titles, half of which aren't installed anymore since I beat them or got bored of them. Normally I would of traded those games in for other titles like I do for my DS, Wii & PS3, but it's digital and you can't, or so I thought.

I just discovered a new digital download and play gaming site where after you buy a game and are bored of it you can sell your game key back for credit, but thats not even the best part. If people have traded back their keys for a game you want to buy than your purchase price is going to be significantly less than that of the MSRP since you will be purchasing a recycled key.

The site is Green Man Gaming and it's only for PC titles at this time, no cross platforming like Steam. The one thing I only wish for is that I could transfer all my Steam games over to their service so I could pawn the ones off I don't play for credit. At least every digital game I buy from this date on I'll have that option.
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Yeah I heard of them too recently. Running some pretty nice specials and deals. New games sometimes as much as $20 off. Steamworks games are even recognized from them.

When I checked out their site, I was a little hesitant though. When you see deals like that going on, you gotta think "its too good to be true." I am wondering how they are turning a profit on some of it. Plus it is UK based and the question comes in as to whether these are US release games or EU ones. Some of the games get censored when they are released over there.

There has been some talk that Steam is going to be adding a feature like this in the future. Honestly, there are a few titles I might want to get refunded but most of mine are ones I knew I wanted to buy and keep.
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I'm done with Steam