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Game Center Usernames

Post by ScifiterX »

Now that I have a supported iPod and some supported games.

I'm don't feel like necromancy so I'm starting a new topic.

My username is: ScifiterX

What about everyone else?
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Post by TechnoBill »

Your message could be here. Call 1-800-FORUM AD for more info.
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Title: Airman Dan

Post by Dan »

Airman Dan
Airman Dan
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Post by Warin »

I'm sorry Dave...
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Post by oath »

Guschavez....Yea I lack imagination but if anyone is up for SFV Volt Battle protocol feel free to add me. I only play Makoto cause I am a sucker for punishment.
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Title: Airman Dan

Post by Dan »

Have a few of you guys added me? I don't accept invites from names I don't recognize. If I've declined your invite, send me a PM with your game center name and then resend your invite.
Airman Dan
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Post by macaddict4life »

Wow, I never posted here? MacAddict4Life
Spider man 11

Post by Spider man 11 »

Spider man 11
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Anyone playing Hero Academy?
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Post by Rockin' Kat »

Rockin' Kat

... Yeah.
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Post by kamizuno »

Kamizuno8 because there apparently is already a kamizuno? :shrug:
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A year late to the party…

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Post by Lombo »

:5years later :
My Game Center username is ch54lombo
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