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surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet.

Quick summary:
has gyroscopes and stuff out the wazoo
allows for a private video feed (either instead of the TV or in games where you do not want the other players to know what you are up to.)
Only one can be used on the console at a time, but at the same time as 4 Wiimotes (1+4 config)
Final specs are to be announced in a couple months or so.
Based of of IBM's Watson processor
faster than a XBOX 360 or PS3
3D 1080p
expected to have improved online capabilities, hopefully on par with XBL and PSN
100% compatible with all Wii accessories and games, 0% compatibility with gamecube.

TechnoBill Freakazoid
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Try reading the E3 thread.
crumble Bow ties are Cool
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Me, I'm not interested in the E3 thread. This looks interesting.
ukimalefu Canadized
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crumble wrote:
Me, I'm not interested in the E3 thread. This looks interesting.

Yes, it does. BUT WHY U HATE THE E3 THREAD!?

And if anybody should give the Wii U its own thread, it should be Malkin.
How did Potardo sneak back in?
You might not of noticed but he has come and gone. He came back asking to be part of the group of the group again I brought it before committee as I was busy and curious about the situation and Matt took him out again.
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Wii U