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Starting as a beta this summer and then launching on November 8, 2011—the same day as the next Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3—Call of Duty: Elite will be a PC and mobile service that lets players track their stats, compete for real and virtual prizes, and form both social and gaming groups with players from across multiple CoD games.

Elite will be available in two tiers of service, one for paying and one for non-paying Call of Duty multiplayer fanatics. While all of the perks of membership are yet to be announced, that paying group may never have to pay for a Call of Duty map pack separately again.

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honestly, i don't dig COD. and this really sounds like paying for an equivalent to

i have a hard time imagining they're release enough new dlc content each month to be worth the rumoured $7.99 price point.

not in a rush to support that sort of thing.
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Yeah so EA has much of that with Bad Company 2 already and its, Activision should file as a sex offender cause they are total wallet rapists :lol:

Sigh, non paid DLC is so 10 years ago. Ahh, the good ole days.
fiddlesticks. Activision.

I'll never pay a monthly subscription for an FPS. If they want to make microtransactions for cool stuff that's fine. But a monthly fee is just a heinous money grab.
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Call of Duty Elite